Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Constitutional Rights and Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Constitutional Rights and Discrimination - Essay lessonAlthough not actually irritating to the others, seeing Abdul pray to his god, Clyde was specifically disliking this concomitant, as a result, the collision mingled with the two started. However, being the one in the lower level, Abdul knows retaliating to the actions of his boss would simply bring him into a sooner complicated situation with his boss. So what he did was to simply allow time to pass through the orifice that somehow his boss might someday give him a break from the discriminative treatment that he is receiving. With the patient dealing of Abdul with the situation, Clyde on the other hand never stopped hatred and continued to come apart Abduls being that later on resulted to more damaging effects on Abdul when he was pushed by Clyde resulting to having three injured bones and causing Abduls hospitalization with a high amount of hire needed to complete the medication needs. After which, the worse yet came when h e received a go slip indicating that he was already terminated from his job.The Constitution of Civil Rights had been rather established to secure the rights of the military man individuals living in the human society as they deal with the different people from different races. This imbed of laws and regulations are all designed to assist apiece and everyone to realize their worth as persons and realize the fact they are worthy of respect no matter what race or religion they come from. 1Within the paragraphs that follow, the total issues that were raced during the cases discussion shall be presented so as to give a clear fork over as to how or where the situation of Abdul and Clyde could actually be questioned by the law and have the oppressor pay for the insurance that he may have caused his victim.The constitutional laws on human rights had been established practically to protect each person from any particular form

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